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Abeyna Jones Posted by Abeyna Jones on July 24, 2016

There’s #moretomedicine campaign is about promoting the diversity of careers available to medics

huffpostThis campaign is currently being covered by The Huffington Post 


We conducted a recent poll of 400 doctors which revealed that 50% were planning to leave the country and 12% were considering leaving medicine altogether.

Leading up to the notorious ‘Black Wednesday‘ during the first week of August where most junior doctors swap rotations and new medical student graduates commence on the job, many are seriously contemplating whether they’ve made the right choices in their careers.

Due to lack of exposure to the majority of options available to us during our careers, this campaign is to raise awareness of the wealth of opportunities available to medics.


Alternative Careers and Wellbeing Event (ACW)

30th Sept – 1st Oct 2016

Starting Monday 25th July 2016, we will release some special offers for our upcoming extravaganza showcasing diverse career opportunities which ends when they’ve run out!

Due to increasing our capacity due to high demand & securing sponsorship, we’ve released some subsidised tickets.   Check it out Here.


Take part in the campaign

  • Tweet about what you do if you’re a doctor with other skills – get #moretomedicine trending on twitter
  • Tweet your support for the campaign if you’re a non-medic
  • Share your stories with us through our contact form if you’re a medic who’s taken the leap and/or you’re living a career with your wellbeing in mind.


A Week of Twitter Discussions – Join us!

We’ve lined up some twitter chats between Mon 25th July to Friday 29th July 2016 with medics speaking at the ACW event who have successfully diversified and or transitioned to other careers using their transferrable skills.

Tune in to #moretomedicine at the advertised times to participate in conversations with speakers participating at our Alternative Careers and Wellbeing Event on 1st Oct 2016.

Here’s your chance to ask any burning questions and find out more about what ACW is all about!

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Chris Odedun

Chris Odedun

Monday 7pm – 7:30pm

Chris Odedun


Emergency Medicine Registrar and East London Radio DJ

Speaking at Medics in the Media Session at ACW Event




tomTuesday 16:30 – 16:45

Tom Moberly


Editor of BMJ Careers

Speaking at Medical Journalism Session at ACW Event

Kishan Rees

Kishan Rees

Tuesday 7pm – 7:30pm

Kishan Rees

@prepare4fy1 @DrKishanRees

Medical Educator, Entrepreneur and Founder of Prepare4FY1 and WatMedia

Running Media Training for Medics Workshop and speaking at Portfolio Career Session at ACW Event




Farrah Jarral

Farrah Jarral

Wednesday – 7pm – 7:30pm

Farrah Jarral


Post F2 Doctor and TV Documentary Journalist

Speaking at Medics in the Media Session at ACW Event



Rashmi Narayana

Rashmi Narayana

Thursday – 4:30 – 5pm

Rashmi Narayana


Clinical & Evidence Director at umotif – a digital health tracking app

Speaking at ACW Event

meFriday – 7- 7:30pm

Gyles Morrison and Sangeetha Govinda Rajoo

@DrHyphen @Sangeetha_Rajoo

Both doctors who have left clinical practice – Gyles is a Clinical UX Designer and Sangeetha is a Digital Strategy Lead at J&J

Speaking at Clinical UX Crash Course & MBA at ACW Event

Sangeetha Rajoo

Sangeetha Rajoo

Missed the twitter chats? Check them out below..



Here are some of our popular articles and case studies of medics who have successfully diversified in their careers. Remember, that doctors’ wellbeing is at the core emphasis of career transitioning.


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