Money Management for Medics

Are you the kind of doctor who locums hard when you need extra cash?

Are you reliant on only one form of income?

Do you work ever harder yet are no closer to being financially independent?

If so, you are not alone.


Dr. Jim Dahle, a medical blogger, said that doctors struggle with money due to:

“a lack of financial literacy, poor financial discipline and a lack of long-term perspective…alongside a culture…where you don’t talk about financial topics

Therefore, Medic Footprints presents this essential webinar for medics who realise that managing finances is a core part of their holistic wellbeing strategy.

Partnering with finance specialist Simon Misiewicz of Optimise Accountants, we will delve into a wide range of topics and equip you with the tools you need to make more informed decisions.

Simon is a highly experienced financial advisor to medics and specialises in tax and property accounting. He has helped many doctors to maximise their earnings and achieve financial independence.


He will share his top tips that all medics need to know, including:

Avoiding the top 5 financial mistakes usually made by doctors

How to plan and execute your long term financial goals

Boost your income through greater tax efficiency

Developing a deeper understanding of your NHS pension

A brief overview of the benefits of property investing for doctors


Benefits of attending this webinar include:

Developing a more sophisticated understanding of your financial circumstances for long term planning and security

Identifying untapped financial opportunities – particularly those relating to passive income

Knowing how to make your money and NHS pension work for you – NOT the other way around!




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