Medicine Stay or Go – 10th December 2016

At Eurekadoc we are passionate about opening up doors to doctors who want to DIVERSIFY their medical career.

Come along to Medicine: Stay, Go or Diversify and IMMERSE YOURSELF in the wonderful world of exciting CAREER OPTIONS available to YOU!

Where will you go? What are your options?

How much could you earn?

Stick with training or abandon ship?

Can other careers match the satisfaction of medicine?

Is it worth the wait or is the grass greener on the other side?

We have a wide range of INSPIRATIONAL speakers, providing advice, guidance and nuggets of INSIDE INFORMATION on how to get into a career that you are passionate about or how to perfect and add to your current career!

Each of our speakers is a DOCTOR who is practising medicine with a twist or has changed tact completely to do something FRESH. It will be a fast paced day where each speaker takes the floor for 15 minutes and we ask them the questions that matter including how they transferred their skills; how much they earn; whether they enjoy it and much more! We will have over 20 medics from different career backgrounds there to give a rapid insight into what you need to know.

Our course last year was hugely popular and included talks by an ophthalmologist turned car designer, an fy1 turned UX clinical designer, an orthopod turned management consultant, a GP turned successful businessman and much more!

Don’t miss out on this rare and unique opportunity to be inspired and propel your career in the direction YOU want it to go!

This is not just a careers fair but an intelligent debate on what is important to you and the things you should be considering – and may be too afraid to ask…

Don’t get left behind. Start 2017 with a plan!

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