ENT Surgeon & Career Coach

Mat Daniel MMEd PhD MAC FRCS

Versatile coach to those committed to developing themselves to be the best they can be

Coaching that helps you thrive, wherever your career takes you

​I can help you manage the opportunities, decisions and challenges in your life

Which leads to you being at your best, thriving, and full of enthusiasm in every aspect of your life

Which in turn enables you to progress your career, develop meaningful relationships and become the best that you can be


​As doctors we are altruistic, caring, and driven by the wish to make a difference. This leads to incredible achievements, but also poses challenges.

A clash between your values and organisational culture can leave you demoralised and empty, whilst rigid structures create inability to balance all aspects of your life, forcing us to make seemingly impossible choices.

We possess a multitude of skills and experiences, with attitudes that make a difference, but just like everyone else we sometimes get stuck, or lose motivation, or face health, life, or family decisions.

If you are looking to move your career to the next stage, be it a change in seniority, moving specialties / roles, or a brand new industry, I can help you discover your passion, values and strengths, set goals, and support you in your search and transition.

Whether you need help making a decision about your career, or are looking for ways to align your medicine career more alongside your values, or are searching for roles in a new sector, my coaching can support you to determine what best suits you, your situation, your strengths and values.

Coaching isn’t telling you what to do, instead it will help you discover what you want and what is the best fit for you. It will support you in developing strategies, experiments, and goals that will move you towards a career that you love and excel at.

About Mat

I have 27 years’ experience in healthcare, including undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. I have a PhD, a master’s in medical education, and have / had leadership roles at University, regional and national level. I undertake research, collaborate with private sector, organise events, coach medical interview skills, and edit for a medical journal.

I am altruistic and driven by the will to help others, underpinned by my core values of kindness, fairness, and teamwork. I am a member of the Association for Coaching, and maintain Professional Liability Insurance.

I have also completed ILM level 5 Effective Coaching and Mentoring course, am accredited in the use of EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence tool, plus a host of other short courses / masterclasses including resilience and psychodynamic coaching.


First 90 minute coaching session is free.

Medic Footprints Premium members receive 5% off Silver and Gold coaching packages.

Weekly peer coaching group (via Zoom) for healthcare professionals is free. The group covers a range of topics – see the Thrive Cafe Coaching website

doctors to lead


I left the session feeling exhilarated and proud of the goals that I had set with a clear goal and direction on how to achieve them.

Coachee discussing goals


Mat has helped me to reflect on achievements in order to help achieve future goals.  Coaching has enabled me to think of leadership skills with a broader mind and to allow me to take the time to lead and not just do.  It has helped me to consider criticism and be able to move on from it rather than focus on

NHS clinical leader


“Mat has an easy fluent conversational style and is very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. He has a clear, honest and accurate approach. He is an attentive listener, genuinely inclusive and at ease talking to people from a variety of walks of life without preconceptions or prejudice. There is no sense of judgement, any approach will be treated in confidence, and advice will be given with the best of intentions and without any other hidden agenda. His advice has been life changing.”

Consultant Surgeon

“Mat is great for showing your problem from a completely different point of view. He can ask questions that you end up thinking about for days and they help to see your problem as you never thought about. He is not offering solutions but a great help to find your own way!” 

Consultant Surgeon

“I have a plan in place, one that Mat helped me to formulate. One that I know will change my working life if practiced and adapted on a regular basis.” 

Coachee discussing their business plans

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