Career Development Coaching: Successful and Meaningful Careers for Doctors

Mat Daniel MMEd PhD FRCS

Coaching that helps you thrive, wherever your career takes you

​I help doctors through career decisions, transitions and hurdles to succeed and
thrive in the profession they love.

My coaching can help you create your successful and meaningful career:

  • Understanding who you are, what your strengths are, what is going on at present, and
    what gives your life meaning and purpose
  • Developing yourself so that you develop new skills and attitudes suited to your future
  • Choosing what you want to do, who you want to be, what kind of a future you want to
  • Taking action to make it all happen

I work across the full range of medical careers:

  • Choosing your next career steps, whether as a senior or new doctor
  • Achieving your future roles, qualifications, exams, or other desired outcomes
  • Transitioning into new roles, seniorities, teams, or leadership positions
  • Succeeding and Thriving in a meaningful career


Remember the day you got into medical school? You were going to change the
world. You were full of altruism, care and enthusiasm. And for the most part, that is
still the case. But there are just some things that aren’t going as you would like them

Maybe you can’t decide where to take your career next? This might be choice of
specialty, maybe it is about deciding what to add to your expertise or a portfolio
career, or maybe you are an established consultant wondering what is next?

Maybe you know what you want, but are unclear how to get there? Exams,
interviews, promotions, leadership roles, they can all be challenging to attain. They
require not only hard work, but the right skills and attitudes specifically needed to
achieve the desired goal.

Maybe you’ve been successful in achieving your next career step, but you now need
to transition into the new role. Are you a new consultant? New clinical leader? New
educator? Getting there is only part of the battle, you also have to successfully
transition into the new role, and overcome impostor syndrome.

Once settled in the new role, you still have to deliver what is asked of you. Working
in the complexities of NHS is a challenge, achieving what you want takes
persistence, broad shoulders, resilience, emotional intelligence, and the right
mindset. And somehow still have an overall balance that allows you to do things
other than work.

Despite overcoming many challenges, success still need to be accompanied by a
career that is meaningful, and gives your life purpose. Despite successes, you may
feel a grumbling dissatisfaction with the way things are, or even experience an
overwhelming event that makes you question your direction. You desire a career that
is successful AND meaningful.

About Me

I have 27 years’ experience in healthcare, including undergraduate and postgraduate
medical education. I have a PhD, a Masters in Medical Education, and have / had
leadership roles at University, regional and national level. I undertake research,
collaborate with private sector, organise events, and edit for a medical journal.
Coaching for me is a natural extension of my work as a doctor. I am altruistic and
driven by the will to help others, underpinned by my core values of kindness,
fairness, and teamwork.

I have a formal coaching qualification with the Institute of Leadership and
Management, and have undertaken numerous short courses including Transactional
Analysis 101 course, Certificate in Career Coaching Practice, Executive Coaching –
Psychodynamic approach Masterclass, Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360
Certification, Realising Resilience Masterclass, Emotional Intelligence Masterclass,
Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation, and Acceptance and Commitment Training Course.

Professional Memberships

I am a member of the Association for Coaching and of European Mentoring and Coaching Council. I subscribe to the Global Code of Ethics for coaches, maintain professional liability insurance, and engage in regular supervision. I am also the co-chair of Association for Coaching’s co-coaching forum for Health and Social Care.


My coaching specialises in helping doctors develop their successful and meaningful career in the profession they love. Contact me to book your free 30 minute coaching session to explore how we may work together.

My coaching is undertaken using virtual platforms such as Zoom.


Free resources to help you with your career

Choosing Careers



Emotional Intelligence


“I’ve not used the word career in a positive sense for almost 10 years. It had felt a career had deteriorated into a ‘job’. Thank you.”
– GP discussing career management

“Not sure how you manage it but you have got me to do so much! More than I ever imagined I could.”
– Trainee doctor discussing careers

“It felt like a workout for the spirit- tiring but definitely felt stronger coming out than I went in.”
– Medicine trainee discussing career and long-term vision

“Coaching really helped me to change my outlook towards work and made me approach the next working week with positivity and clarity.”
– Surgery Trainee

“Mat is great for showing your problem from a completely different point of view. He can ask questions that you end up thinking about for days and they help to see your problem as you never thought about.”
– Consultant Surgeon

“I feel the discussion on leadership will allow me to have a platform to grow into the next phase of my career.”
– GP discussing leadership

“Eye-opening and practical.”
– GP discussing careers and life balance

“It has helped me to consider criticism and be able to move on from it rather than focus on.”
– NHS clinical leader

“It was really amazing how you helped me define my values and put them on paper in the form of simple illustration and graphs.”
– Internationally-qualified doctor discussing career future

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