Career Coach

Caroline Walker
Business Genre:
Summary: Supporting doctors during challenging times – a wellbeing focused organisation
Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee
Business Genre:
Summary: Portfolio GP | Coach | Occupational Health Advisor | Acupuncturist | Facilitator | Medical Educator | Mother
Dr Mat Daniel
Business Genre:
Summary: I can help you manage the opportunities, decisions and challenges in your life. Which leads to you being at your best, thriving, and full of enthusiasm in every aspect of your life. Which in turn enables you to progress your career, develop meaningful relationships and become the best that you can be
Dr Sarah Goulding
Business Genre:
Summary: I support doctors who are unhappy or unsatisfied in their career or other aspects of their life gain clarity on what matters to them and how to attain what they most want.
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Business Genre:
Summary: Passionate, curious and making a difference in doctors’ lives

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