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Learn how to maximise your game in interviews whilst learning how to crack typical case studies in management consultancy.

Get prepared for your management consultancy interviews and career!

Let’s face it – getting into management consultancy right from scratch isn’t easy.

Particularly if you’re coming from medicine or any other career where you haven’t had much direct contact with management consultants on a regular basis to truly understand what they do.

So when you’re fortunate enough to get offered an interview at one of the big 3 consulting firms or otherwise, how do you even begin to prepare?

Meet MBB101 – a team of MBB consultants – past, present and incoming – who are dedicated to helping eager students, grads & professionals land jobs in top consulting firms.

MBB stands for the Big 3 consulting firms:

McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bain

Based on their own experiences, they’ve developed courses designed to help you nail your management consultancy interviews – the first time!

Check a couple of their courses out below:

How to Ace the Interviews: A Complete Guide

This course offers a detailed guide (with videos, audio clips and downloadable PDFs) that teaches you how to nail your experience interviews, how to ace the case and how to make your interviewers like you.

Check out the modules below

MBB101 Case Crunch

A game-changing opportunity to get into the minds of MBB consultants and elevate your case interview skills.

You’ll solve challenging cases with different MBB consultants each week while learning key concepts needed to land the offer.

You’ll also have access to a bank of mock case interviews by MBB consultants and recordings of the live teaching sessions.

They run a range of other courses designed for those getting into management consultancy, hence why not check them out today using our exclusive 20% off discount code below?

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