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Learn how to integrate Lifestyle Medicine into your clinical practice with these popular comprehensive online courses for doctors by doctors.

The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine

With so many misconceptions about what Lifestyle Medicine is, we would like to give some explanation.

It is not “just nutrition”, nor is it woo woo medicine, whacky or alternative. It is an evidence based science, recognised internationally.

The Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance, represents the convergence of national Lifestyle Medicine professional associations from around the world from 17 countries including the UK. They define Lifestyle Medicine as:

“The evidence-based medical specialty that uses lifestyle therapeutic approaches, such as a predominantly whole food, plant-based diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, stress management, avoidance of risky substance use, and other non-drug modalities, to prevent, treat, and, oftentimes, reverse non-communicable disease, sometimes referred to as degenerative chronic disease.”

The vision of the Lifestyle Medicine Global Alliance is a “world without communicable disease”

As nations, clinicians or individuals we simply cannot afford to miss the opportunity to change the course of the non- communicable disease epidemic!

Dr. Angela Goyal, Founder Inspired Medics
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What is it?

Inspired Medics have produced two digital courses: “The Future of Healthcare is Lifestyle Medicine” and “Lifestyle Medicine in Clinical Practice”.

The modules have been designed to give a comprehensive understanding of Lifestyle Medicine Education.

What will I gain from doing this course?

  • An understanding of the importance of Lifestyle Medicine which will enhance your career and job satisfaction
  • Ability to practice evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine interventions with your patients, your practice population and lead changes in your local health strategy
  • Better outcomes for your patients with less medication
  • Be part of the Lifestyle Medicine movement
  • Improvement in your own wellbeing
  • CPD certification in “Lifestyle Medicine for Clinicians”
  • How to steer your career towards Lifestyle Medicine

Is this CPD?

Yes – between the 2 courses there are 17.5 hours of accredited CPD. This involves 22 learning modules including videos, written booklets, fully referenced and evidence based.


I’ve had an interest in lifestyle medicine for a while and this course was a good first step to get more information about it. The talks are great and I would highly recommend it. Thanks

Dr Dannielle Lam

What a great online course! Useful for clinicians in almost any speciality. I particularly liked that there were useful lifestyle strategies that you could take away and not only use yourself but also apply to patients in your clinic.
Dr Ailsa Care

Really enjoying this course both as a GP and medical student educator. Incorporating concepts into individual patients care, teaching and practice development. Thanks Inspired Medics for giving me this opportunity!
Dr Jenny Blythe

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