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Sara Sabin Posted by Sara Sabin on February 25, 2016


Jeremy Hunt seems to be using any tool at his disposal to push through his proposed new contract for junior doctors and win over the British public.

According to a BBC article published yesterday, Hunt used:

academically unverified and unpublished data to back his plans

Now, thinking about this practically, if you were to write any publication using such data, then automatically and quite rightly you would lose credibility. For a public figure to release such data into the public domain representing it as being fact, would indicate to me that he is grasping at straws. If there was indeed any credible data to support the “6,000 deaths a year” due to a lack of a seven day service, then would he not have rather used that?

Interesting that NHS England cannot actually cite the source from where this data came from and it is not publicly available (which it should be under the Freedom of Information Act). So, how was this data obtained by the government?

In my opinion, all of this raises many more questions about how this whole matter has been handled and why.

  • Is the 6,000 deaths figure merely a smokescreen to hide the real reason why the government is imposing these contracts?
  • If that is the the case, then what is the real reason?

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