Virtual Hospital Clinical Leads @ Medefer

  • TypeFull Time
  • RoleDoctor
  • LocationRemote
  • SectorClinical
  • TypePart Time
  • TypeFlexible
  • SenioritySenior Doctor
  • SeniorityJunior Doctors

JOB OVERVIEW – Medical Consultants and Registrars

We are recruiting Medical & Surgical Consultants and Registrars from a variety of specialities to work in our CQC registered virtual hospital.

The work involves the remote management of NHS patients who are referred into local services via their GP.

We take a step beyond normal advice and guidance services by allowing the organisation of investigations, registrar clerking and remote patient management in our bespoke virtual hospital environment which has been designed by Consultants and GP’s.

This system time and money and reduces waiting lists for local trusts and increases convenience and satisfaction for patients. The work can be undertaken on an ad-hoc, flexible basis enabling remote home working at your convenience and own pace.

Specialities include (but not limited to); Allergy, Respiratory, ENT, Rheumatology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Haematology, Orthopaedics, Nephrology and Neurology.


Describe what the candidate will do and the skills you’re looking for

The Consultant will be responsible for providing virtual specialist care including but not limited to the following:

· Reviewing and triaging new patient referrals or those coming from a waiting list back log

· Providing advice and guidance back to GP’s where required

· Recommending patients for further investigations such as diagnostic tests and/or registrar clerking assessments

· Following up on the results of investigations

· Creating appropriate and comprehensive clinical management plan

· Documenting patient information and plans of care via Medefer’s Secure IT platform


Skills required;

· Must be in an NHS role

· Must be on the Specialist Register (if not Registrar)

· Must be able to provide up to date documents in accordance with clinical compliance requirements


About Medefer

Medefer is the only CQCQ registered virtual hospital. It offers the opportunity for dynamic, tech savvy Consultants to work with a team of clinicians and tech experts who are keen to improve the way that patient care is delivered in the 21st century. We all recognise that a great deal of modern medicine does can move beyond the traditional physical model and

that many referrals to specialist services are unnecessary, inappropriate or can be dealt with safely on a remote basis.

We believe in safe and high quality care and have a robust clinical governance structure and processes in place to keep patients well looked after and a low appetite for risk.

The benefits of working with Medefer include;

· The opportunity to be a part of a new model of digital patient care

· The ability to work privately to supplement your NHS income but at the same time be part of a team working to support transformation in the NHS and much needed additional capacity

· Flexible working schedules and the ability to work from home as little or as much as you like, from a few hours a week to a few days a week


Full Job Description

The virtual hospital requires skilled and experienced clinicians to manage patient referrals remotely. Medefer functions as a virtual healthcare platform which has been set up and staffed by NHS Specialist doctors. Our aim is to provide a sustainable NHS outpatient service solution given the growing population and longer waiting lists for NHS outpatient clinic appointments.

Our unique Virtual Hospital model has been used by several areas of England where we have found that approximately 70% of patients referred to us by GPs can be managed via our virtual pathways, whilst only 30% of patients will be referred on to hospital.

Medefer’s Clinical Leads are experienced Medefer Consultants that are responsible for the training, management, and oversight of their respective speciality. Along with the Assistant Medical Director, our Clinical Leads work to support their speciality’s consultants and registrars whilst acting as both a resource and point of escalation should it be needed.

The work involves clinical decision making and formulating management plans based on GP referrals. Then following up on individual cases and finalising an outcome be it; discharge back to primary care, providing advice and guidance, requesting further information, reviewing registrar clerkings, forwarding on to physical out-patients etc.

You can review and respond to referrals at any time (including weekends) provided it is not during your NHS hours. Referral review for Medefer during your NHS working time is strictly prohibited.

Referrals can be distributed via an allocation to a specific consultant or by being placed into a “referral pool” where all the speciality Consultants working for Medefer can pick up the referral if desired. You can choose to have your referrals allocated to you if you prefer to have a more structured schedule, or you are free to check the referral pool when convenient to you.

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