Management Consulting roles for Doctors @ Bain

  • TypeFull Time
  • RoleNon-Clinical
  • RoleDoctor
  • LocationGreater London
  • SectorManagement consulting
Bain offers unique management consulting opportunities for doctors including:
  • A collaborative problem solving environment, helping to transform some of the world’s top businesses
  • Extraordinary diverse teams and varied projects – designed to help you grow and succeed
  • A consulting company where you are valued for skillsets you already have as a doctor.. and the vast potential beyond that!


Dr. Peter Radford shares his experience moving from ENT Registrar to a Consultant at Bain.


About Bain

Bain & Company is one of the ‘Big Three’ top consulting firms in the world.

They help the world’s top business leaders to solve their toughest problems. This helps to transform these businesses into high performing, agile organisations that can achieve extraordinary outcomes.

As a result, Bain needs talented experienced professionals from a range of industries who are bright, innovative thinkers, and passionate about driving real change and results.

In particular, Bain are seeking more doctors like you to join their team because you are:

  • Analytically very sharp and quick at problem solving
  • High performing – likely to outperform those from other industries
  •  Adaptable
  • Work excellently in teams with great interpersonal skills
  • Humble yet driven
  • Come from and work with people across diverse backgrounds
  • Learn and progress quickly


The opportunity

As a doctor you will be supported in the transition and set up for success from day one.

You will receive significant investment to help you reach your full potential through training, on the job coaching and mentoring throughout your career at Bain.

The unrivalled business exposure from an early stage, provides unparalleled learning that will continue during your time at Bain as you develop your consulting toolkit. 

Bain sees your medical experience as an asset, but the generalist staffing model gives you the flexibility to work across a wide range of sectors and capabilities. For example, healthcare, private equity, financial services, consumer products and many more.

This will help you to develop a deep business knowledge and expertise that will broaden your career horizons and maximise your potential.

A career at Bain means you will:

  • Join an industry leading premium management consulting firm and learn Bain’s distinct approach to solving business problems 
  • Enjoy the entrepreneurial opportunity and experience of building up the Healthcare Practice or work on Private Equity projects at the forefront of Healthcare innovation if you choose
  • Grow as an individual and intellectually by working with some of the brightest and most savvy business people
  • Thrive in Bain’s supportive culture, experience the outstanding support they offer and build personal friendships for life 
  • Focus on other areas of passion outside client work (e.g. social impact projects, office social events, training)


The training and support you’ll receive will be second to none, and you can use this expertise to embark on a global career path that will help you to maximise your potential, influence and impact.

Every day is different, but here are just a few things you will experience and accomplish:

  • Provide clients with powerful facts and analyses that outline solutions and drive change.
  • Work as a member of case teams in roles that vary according to the team’s objectives
  • Take responsibility for identifying information sources, gathering and interpreting data, and presenting findings to case team members
  • Interview clients’ customers, competitors, suppliers and employers; this work then becomes the basis of the case team’s strategic recommendation
  • Work across multiple sectors including healthcare, shaping your career path in accordance with your priorities and interests

Who are they looking for?

The entry points as a doctor are:

Associate Consultant: Typically after FY2 and above (e.g. 2 years postgrad)

Consultant: Typically 5+ years postgraduate (e.g. Registrar level or above)

For all opportunities, your analytical, interpersonal, creative thinking, business management and leadership skills will be called upon from day one.

Bain are looking for you as a medical doctor if you are:

  • Looking for ways to broaden your career horizons
  • Want to be exposed to the world’s leading companies
  • Want to shape your own career path within a nurturing organisation
  • Currently living a daily commuting distance from Central London or open to doing so
  • Able to travel across the UK on a project basis as needed
  • Want to develop and thrive in a training and mentoring focused work environment
  • Able to work 5 days a week

Other inherent skillsets you have will include:

  • A solid team player who’s also an independent thinker
  • A robust analytical skill set, an endless curiosity and ability to think creatively
  • Deadline-driven, organised and able to multitask
  • Strong verbal, written and presentation skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Experience of leadership & teamwork



Associate Consultants: Starts from £49,500 per year + bonus

Consultants: Starts from £97,000 per year + bonus


Company Culture

A Bainie never lets another Bainie fail

Organisationally and culturally, Bain is very much a partnership and values-led organisation.

The working environment is highly collaborative and team focused with a relatively flat hierarchy and a great deal of autonomy.

This all translates into entrepreneurial freedom, mutual respect and accountability in how we work.

Bain are committed to ensuring that everyone is equipped to achieve their fullest potential and thrive in an inclusive and supportive culture.

There are a number of internal communities and initiatives supporting a highly inclusive and diverse environment in the London office including; LGBTQ BGLAD, Bain Black Network, South Asians at Bain, East and South Asians at Bain, Women at Bain, Extraordinary People for individuals from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and London Veterans @ Bain.


Want to find out more?

The team at Bain would love to hear from you!

Many doctors have taken their careers to new heights with Bain.

So here is your chance to explore and excel in a dynamic career pathway that works for you.


Watch the webinar we recently ran with the Bain team to find out whether consulting could work for your next career move

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Don’t forget to check out the FAQs we’ve compiled especially for doctors considering working at Bain.

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