Doctors Community Manager @ Medic Footprints

  • RoleNon-Clinical
  • LocationUK - National
  • LocationRemote
  • TypePart Time
  • TypeFlexible
  • SectorNon-Clinical
  • SeniorityManagerial
  • SectorEntrepreneur

Medic Footprints is undergoing a transformative change of growth with one core mission:

To connect talented doctors with the best opportunities and wellbeing support – leading to happier & healthier lives.

Our overarching vision is to be the global community for diverse careers for doctors.

In achieving our vision and mission, we are seeking a passionate, people-driven and entrepreneurial doctor to join our team.


The role

Medic Footprints has over 14k subscribers in the global community.

Improving and deepening our relationships with existing and new doctors in the global Medic Footprints brand is hugely important to us.

We are therefore seeking a doctor to oversee the following steps as part of our overall growth strategy which is initially UK focused:

  • Contribute towards a company wide strategy to grow our subscriber base and membership
  • Improve member offering and engagement
  • Optimise our user experience
  • Represent our brand voice and vision throughout various online mediums including social media
  • Develop strategies to engage with under-represented & diverse groups within the medical community
  • Document processes and standards relating to our community operations

We are a small team, hence your work will overlap with various areas of the business – presenting a fantastic opportunity to learn from others as we grow.


Who are we looking for?

This role is for a doctor who is first and foremost – passionate about supporting talented doctors in accessing the best opportunities for them – beyond conventional boundaries.

Essential qualities required:

  • Familiar with the Medic Footprints brand – perhaps as a subscriber, follower, member or website visitor
  • Established personal network of doctors in the UK (e.g. from medical school and/or work)
  • People driven and curious about others
  • Demonstrated aptitude for building and engaging an audience
  • Entrepreneurial (in action and/or mindset) with ambition
  • Active on social media platforms – particularly Facebook / IG
  • An excellent communicator throughout on and offline mediums
  • Can work well autonomously and within a team
  • Creative
  • Tech savvy
  • Willing to learn new things related to a growing online business
  • Evidence of demonstrated or potential


The following would be desirable, but not essential:

  • Experience working in a communication / PR role (as a student / doctor or otherwise)
  • Experience in a commercial or entrepreneurial setting
  • Connected internationally with doctors
  • Experience working with Customer Relationship Management systems
  • Experience in writing for the web / email marketing / copywriting


This role would be best suited to you if you are a junior doctor (no more than 4 years postgrad), who is exploring their own career transition plans & challenges and taking some time away from training (programmes) to do this.

It may also be suited to a doctor with a developing portfolio career.

However we will consider all interest!


Work Arrangements

Our currently team works entirely remotely – and so can you!

There may be opportunities to travel (e.g. client meetings or team gatherings) but this will never be mandatory – especially considering the current climate (!)

Working arrangements are flexible, however to start, we need a minimum of 16hrs commitment per week which includes Mondays during the day (9-5pm). The rest can be spread across the week in 4hr or 8hr blocks.

You will therefore need to be available during UK working hours.

Very occasionally we may run webinars or groups in the evening (up to 8pm) and if this is related to your work, you may need to work up to these hours. However this will always be planned with you ahead of time.

Weekend working is not generally encouraged (take the time off!), however there may be times when you decide it’s necessary or if there is an event running.



The salary offered will be competitive according to what you bring to the team and what your preferences are.



  • Contribute directly to shaping the life and careers of the current and future medical profession – reframing what it really means to be a doctor
  • Access to an unparalleled number of diverse industry opportunities and insights from within the business and with the clients we work with
  • On the job learning (with us!)
  • Networking with both clients and doctors in the UK and internationally
  • MF Premium Membership included providing you access to 60+ hours of content on diverse careers and discounts off working with our MF approved coaches
  • Ongoing 1-1 monthly support and coaching from the Founder – Dr. Abeyna Bubbers-Jones
  • Opportunity to strengthen your CV and experiences for future industry positions
  • There is a strong possibility this role will develop into a full time leadership position over time – hence if successful you could embed yourself in the future of Medic Footprints
  • Options may be available if working with us for 1 year or more.



Company Culture

The team at Medic Footprints is professional yet down to earth – nurturing, open and focused on building lasting relationships within the team, with our members and with our clients.

Our core values are to:

  • Be inclusive
  • Learn and to innovate
  • Have compassion and empathy
  • Be authentic
  • Nurture talent
  • Build long lasting relationships

Our small team has changed over the years and 2022 will see a substantial change in the way we work and grow.

We are proud to have achieved what we have as a bootstrapped organisation (with no external funding). Our future may involve seeking external investment to power our exponential growth hence you will be one of the Founding team of doctors to help make this happen.


Does this resonate with you?

We’re excited to get to meet and potentially work with you! Please take the time to express your interest in the form below.

This opportunity will be closed once we find the right person for this role – so don’t delay.

If it sounds like you’re a good fit for this role, you will be invited to have an informal discussion with the Founder about the role.


  • The team will use this to determine initially whether you may be a good fit so please be specific and concise about why you're interested. Referring to the job description always helps. Remember - quality over quantity!
  • A rough idea is fine - we won't hold you to it!
  • We are unable to consider you if you are not free to work on Mondays at this time.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.




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