A unique opportunity for health care practitioners to integrate personalised nutrition in your practice

The Graduate Diploma in Integrative Functional Nutrition - a unique, fast-track route to bring nutrition into clinical practice

We are so excited to announce this brand new course, designed for entry to the nutrition and lifestyle medicine profession. This course enables you to learn how to use the principles of personalised and functional medicine to inform nutrition provision within your practice. It has been created by the internationally renowned, UK-based Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) specifically for qualified allied healthcare professionals (with core sciences and clinical experience).

Through the Graduate Diploma in Integrative Functional Nutrition, you will understand in depth the role that nutrition and lifestyle plays in human health and nutrition. The course is practice-focused with learning centered on case histories and reflection on student-led fieldwork. In each of the nutrition modules, you will explore dietary, nutraceutical and lifestyle approaches to optimising health.

Why choose this course?

·       Unique qualification path, tailored to healthcare and allied professionals

·       Fast track route leveraging your existing skill set to enable you to bring nutrition into your current practice

·      Flexible online learning study options that make it easy for you to balance the course with work and personal commitments

·      Cost-effective learning path with small cohort sizes 

·       Validated by the University of Portsmouth

Who is ION?

Providing training in Nutritional Therapy for over 35 years, The Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) is one of the most well respected training bodies of its kind in Europe. ION prides itself in delivering flexible, research-informed courses taught by supportive and highly experienced lecturers, clinicians, specialist practitioners and industry experts.

When does the course start?

The first cohort starts in February 2021. Though if you are interested, please do get in touch any time as there may be an opportunity to join after the start date. 

Course Commitments

This course is online, and will be completed in 1 year full-time, or 2 years part-time. Students are expected to spend about 12 hours (full-time) or 6 hours (part-time) of personal study per week. The cost of the course can be spread over the year.


For more information, express your interest below and ION will be in touch shortly!

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