Healthcare innovations

Nowadays it is essential to adapt to the new times and make use of the media technology we have. For a physician, there are multiple technological options that can help to better interact with patients and carry a better follow-up of the treatment. Find below some of the latest innovations:


It is a initiative to have electronic access to what their doctor’s write in their medical records.  In this era of electronical health records it is important for patients to be able to access their medical records as easily as they do online banking. Check the Opennotes website and find out all their advantages.


According to a report from Research2guidance within the next 5 years mHealth apps will have become well integrated into the healthcare processes. What are the benefits of mHealth apps? Doctors will improve patient treatments, slow healthcare costs, enhance the interaction between doctors and patients and will allow patients to take care better of themselves. The most used apps are the following:

Hippomsg: an useful tool to better communicate among doctors.

Spok: it connects with PBXs, nurse call and bed management systems, clinical systems, electronic health records and human resource systems to swiftly deliver information to the right people on their device of choice.

Medigram: it improves patient care through efficient communication and helps leading healthcare teams achieve better health for patients and populations at lower cost.


New programs such as Doctos on Demand and AnywhereCare offer one-on-one conferencing with doctors who give you the medical advice you need without having to set foot in a doctor’s office. This system has its pros and cons as you can read in this article from UsNews but it is definitely something to consider for having second opinions or for acute care.