Healthcare Startup Society

Collaboration is the name of the game when pursuing any start-up, let alone a health-tech company. Luckily, we’ve developed a partnership with the Healthcare Startup Society – an organisation which connects medics with the networks they need to get on with it!

Here’s an interview with founder Charlie Ashmore, Orthopaedic Surgeon.


HSS - Healthcare Startup Society

What prompted you to start up the HSS?

The Healthcare Startup Society was founded by a team of registrars in the United Kingdom who found it difficult finding advice, mentors and funding for their respective healthcare startups.

Moreover we found that there were lots of extremely talented junior doctors who wanted to diversify their existing medical skills but couldn’t find co-founders or existing startups that they could join to learn from and grow their own skills.

HSS membership is FREE and our team is passionate about connecting medics with funding, mentors and advice on anything startup-related. Whether you already have a company, just have an idea or simply want to get involved with existing startups to learn HSS is here to help you.


Are medics good entrepreneurs? Any particular examples?

100%. Although many junior doctors might be feeling down following the recent contract negotiations

the transferrable skills that medicine affords doctors is invaluable.

The intense bootcamp that training as a doctor provides improves communication skills, leadership and teamwork together with testing your own resilience and really stretching you as an individual. All of these are a great starting platform for entrepreneurs.

We have lots of great start-ups and entrepreneurs in the HSS family with everything from medics who have set up non-medical businesses to non-medics who have invented medical devices.


Below are a selection of some of our most promising members:



Dissectr is unique in offering HD cadaveric interactive spot tests to give anyone studying anatomy the most realistic and engaging way to learn.

Created by a group of medical students and foundation doctors who wanted to create the ultimate online anatomy resource the Dissectr team had a fantastic idea but lacked funding and mentors to guide them. We connected them with both and Dissectr is due for full launch winter 2017.



Inspired by the feeling of unity while attending the junior doctor strikes a group of orthopaedic SpRs wanted to find a way to connect medics and allow them to collaborate on projects both inside and outside of work.

Medcruit allows medics with projects ranging from audits and research to book publishing and healthcare startups to post opportunities for medics and non-medics. Doctors looking for ways to boost their CV or diversify their careers can upload their CV for project leads to view and can also apply for specific opportunities. All this is totally FREE.

HSS connected two co-founders with similar ideas and found them funding and mentors growing the Medcruit user base to over 300 within 3 months!


MD+ Book Publishing

MD+ Book Publishing is run by doctors still in training in the UK and US and utilizes a collaborative publishing model that disrupts traditional publishing standards and allows anyone in training to be involved in book publishing.

HSS connected MD+ with mentors and funding and helped to streamline their publishing process and also connected them with the existing HSS talent pool. MD+ has sold books in 18 countries and have recently launched their website with 6 new books due for publication in 2017.


Get Me Into Medical School

Created a by a group of medical students GMIMS is a non-profit organization that helps school leavers prepare for medical school interviews and studying medicine.

HSS connected GMIMS with publishers and mentors and the team have coached over 5000 successful med school applicants since 2012.


Where do you see the future for medic-run healthcare businesses in the UK?

We don’t think there has ever been a better time to be a healthcare professional involved in startups. According to recent San Francisco and New York Healthcare Venture Capital Funds Q1 of 2016 has already seen a record $1.8billion invested in healthcare startups. Digital health continues to grow with data-driven startups and wearable tech completely changing how patient health is analysed and delivered and how patients connect with clinicians.

In the UK exciting startups such as Babylon Health and Doctify  look to revolutionise the patient experience and journey. Touch Surgery looks to completely change training with apps and VR and Docicity  enables medics to accurately provide feedback on courses and help standardize training courses.

We also expect that many of our hard working HSS members will be securing funding and creating their own future for healthcare in the UK.

Medics don’t just need to focus on healthcare startups though. At HSS we encourage members to follow their passions. Many of our medic members have started non-medical companies such as fashion blogs, photography websites and charities that help them to build on their existing passions.


What would members expect from HSS in the future?

The Healthcare Startup Society has grown rapidly and our membership will always remain FREE so there really is no excuse not to join now.

We really want to help as many startups as possible and even if you are not sure where to start why not take a look at our Book Club to find some inspiration and join up stating you are looking for a project even if you don’t have anything definite yet.

We will be putting on our first international event in London in December and will also be recognizing outstanding achievements in Healthcare Startups with our annual awards in November.

We are delighted to announce direct to Medic Footprints members our Medic Footprinst People’s Choice Award, which allows subscribers and the general public to nominate and vote for their favourite healthcare startup in the November awards.

Nominations for the people’s Choice Award Close in September and all award category nominations are now open.