Guaranteed sunshine, no tax and great salaries… Hello UAE

Sara Sabin Posted by Sara Sabin on July 06, 2014

There are a lot of benefits to working a few years in the UAE as a doctor. High, tax free salaries (c. AED9,000 per month for a consultant) mean that a doctor can easily save up money, have experience working abroad to increase their skillset and enjoy year-round sunshine, before returning home if they want to.

The UAE has accelerated spending in healthcare and made it a priority in their annual budget. This trend has increased particularly in the last 3-5 years to bring annual spending to USD 7.5bn. Whilst funding of the public healthcare system is good, there is a thriving private sector that shoulders some of the costs of investment. This is necessary given some worrying negative health trends in the UAE.

Within the national population, there is an increasing trend towards lifestyle diseases linked to obesity, such as diabetes and coronary diseases. The increasingly sedentary lifestyle and prevalence of fast food mean that 60% of the population is overweight.

Cardiologists and endocrinologists are therefore particularly in demand and will find much to challenge them there. UK doctors are particularly in demand in the more expensive private healthcare facilities.

Check out this video.

Is anyone up to the challenge?

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