General Surgical Clinical Lead for Christian Hospital in Bangladesh

Christian Hospital Chandraghona is the oldest hospital in Bangladesh where all patients receive free treatment and medicine along with food from our hospital. Established in 1907 by British missionaries (BMS), it is now run by the  local management committee, Bangladesh Baptist Church Sangha (BBCS).

As it is a missionary hospital which works for poor and ethical groups, we eagerly need few foreign doctors who could be retired, who are willing to serve poor and indigenous people in Bangladesh.

Roles available:

Surgery Consultant, Christian Hospital Chandraghona and Christian Leprosy Centre

  • Responsibilities
    1. He/she will work as the clinical head of the surgery of Christian Hospital Chandraghona (CHC) and Christian Leprosy Centre (CLC)
    2. He/she will perform surgeries for admitted and OPD patients of Christian Hospital Chandraghona (CHC) and Christian Leprosy Centre (CLC) and provide pre- and post-operative management of the patients as per requirement
    3. He/she will see the complicated surgery patients coming to the OPD and make daily hospital routine rounds to see admitted patients and suggest management
    4. He/she will do emergency operations as per need of the hospital
    5. He/she will attend to see the emergency patients as needed when such calls are sent
    6. Suggest the administration in improvement of the hospital and its quality services, particularly in respect of general surgery services
    7. He/she will train junior doctors, OT staff, hospital clinical staff and and nursing students in various aspects of surgery
    8. He/she will represent CHC-CLC in various forums both national and international
    9. He/she will be willing to undertake any other duties in greater interest of CHC & CLC.

We have other doctor roles available too, so please enquire

CHC, is struggling financially, so remuneration will be challenging, however we have our own complex so doctors with his/her family can easily stay here safely.

Please contact Dr. Probhir Khiyang (, Deputy Medical Director, for expressions of interest.

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