Future Career Decisions: Practising Medicine Overseas

Sara Sabin Posted by Sara Sabin on July 18, 2016

Recently, Medic Footprints created a poll, where we asked “How has Brexit and JDC affected your future career decisions as a medic?” For more of our thoughts on the subject, check out our blog post.

50% of you said that you are more likely to leave the UK.

Even before the turbulence of the last year, medics would often take time out to go and work abroad. It is a great way for doctors to gain new skills, whilst rekindling their passion for medicine. Not to mention, often you will get great salary and perks (if you take a salaried position!), work-life balance, and the opportunity to travel!

You could do:

  • A Voluntary role is a great way of wetting your appetite for working overseas. Often voluntary roles are in parts of the world where people are really in need and there is a desperate shortage of skills. Throwing you right in at the deep end. Generally, it will be for shorter timeframes than a Salaried role.
  • A Salaried role can allow you to earn well, improve your skills, gain work/life balance, and live/travel in a country that you’ve always wondered about.

How can Medic Footprints help?

  • We have resources on our website that will give you further information on going to work overseas. Check out our Overseas section.
  • Check out some fabulous overseas roles on our Career Opportunities Board. We have a mixture of salaried and voluntary positions.
  • Come along to our Alternative Careers and Wellbeing Event 2016. Our annual extravaganza will offer a veritable smorgasbord of great alternative career options to you, including going to work overseas. There will be an Overseas Medics Panel discussion, where you can hear from and question doctors that have taken the plunge; and exhibitors who can offer you some great overseas opportunities.

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