FAQs for Doctors interested in management consulting at Bain

Having met with the Bain team, we have compiled a list of FAQs specifically for doctors!

Please read through these carefully, and if anything is not covered, do email us.


What kind of doctors are Bain looking for?

I'm 10+ years postgraduate. Would I be suitable for this opportunity?

This opportunity is more suited to those who are at least 2 years postgrad (FY2) and no more than 10 years postgraduate.

However your expertise could be hugely valuable in other ways. Please leave your details and you will be referred to the most appropriate team.

I am a medical student. Can I apply?

Any graduate can apply to work at Bain. Therefore if you have completed your first degree as a medical student, you will be eligible to apply for graduate entry (which is different from this opportunity).


Nevertheless, please leave your details and you will be referred to the appropriate team.

I live outside of the UK. Can I apply to work at Bain?

Bain has several offices across the world presenting an opportunity to work with any of these teams, however the office in London tends to be the most competitive.

If you are looking to work in London and you live overseas, you will be eligible to apply as visa sponsorship is supported.

If you’d like to work in any of the other offices, the team will refer you appropriately.

I've applied to Bain before but was unsuccessful. Can I apply again?

If you leave your details and outline your experience, the team will look into the reasons why your application was not progressed and provide feedback as to whether applying again could work for you.

Would I need to complete an MBA prior to applying to management consulting at Bain?

No, you don’t need to complete an MBA or other business qualifications to be eligible to apply.

I don't have any business or consulting experience, can I still apply?

The requirement for an Associate Consultant role at Bain is 2 years post-graduation experience & for a Consultant role 5 – 10 years’ tenure with business or management experience and a degree of seniority.

Type of work available at Bain

What is the difference between Associate Consultant and Consultant at Bain?

Associate Consultant: This is an entry level roles for those who have worked as a doctor for up to 2 years. You will be seen as an expert in your team, working on mid-level client relationships, working with juniors and progressing into leadership as you go. Similar to a Registrar level doctor.

Consultant: Similar to being a Consultant as a doctor, you will be seen as a subject matter expert, managing up to 3 junior team members and working with senior level clients as a trusted advisor.


What type of work is available at Bain?

Bain is largely known for management and strategy consulting, however they provide a wide range of services including Merge & Acquisitions, Performance improvement, Customer focus, Organisation focus and Sustainability.

When does recruitment fully open for Associate Consultant & Consultant roles at Bain?

Bain has rolling recruitment to Associate Consultant & Consultant roles. You can submit your application through their career page.

What can I expect as remuneration for each role?

Associate Consultants: Starts from £49,500 per year + bonus
Consultants: Starts from £97,000 per year + bonus

Can I keep my clinical practice going in my own time while working at Bain?

Yes, it’s possible to retain your doctor’s license and work in a clinical setting in your own time. We have a doctor hire who does this at the weekend.

Can I work part time at Bain?

Bain offers part time working, although consultants tend to opt for this more at leadership level.

Would I be able to attend a boot camp or taster consulting events to get more insight into consulting?

Bain has upcoming events in Spring 2023 to give you more insights into a career in Consulting.
We will be running a second webinar with Bain to showcase the role and what consultants do on day to day basis.

The Interview

What does the interview process consist of?

After you have successfully completed an online assessment, you will be invited to interview.

The interview process consists of 3 stages:

Behavioural, Market sizing and full case study.


Behavioural: is similar to a traditional interview asking about your experience and getting to know you. This will be 1:1 with a Bain Manager or Senior Manager

Market sizing: The questions will cover some forward looking and some backward looking questions. This means they will get a chance to talk about your past experience and also some possible situations you may encounter as a Consultant at Bain

Full Case Study: Based on the Bain values, culture and ways of working. Bain are not looking for one type of person, and people at Bain have a real range of personality traits and thinking styles!

Do you get support to prepare for the interview process?

Yes! You will be allocated a mentor to support you along the way and invited to Bain events to get an understanding of what the process entails.