The Top 3 Factors Telemedicine Companies Cannot Afford to Get Wrong When Recruiting Doctors

Learn what’s most important for your recruitment strategy when hiring doctors for remote / telemedicine roles.

In the current healthcare landscape, remote care providers have now become the norm.

This has led to significant competition within this lucrative market, with many vying to get the best doctors. This could be to provide a clinical service, or to work on the commercial side in growing the business.

This has led to significant competition within this lucrative market, with many vying to get the best doctors; either to provide a clinical service, or to work on the commercial side in growing the business.

The big question many face is:

“What are the most important factors in your proposal that will get the doctors full attention?”

Based on our personal experience as doctors and working with hundreds of companies over the years, here are the top 3 factors:


It’s no surprise to anyone that money is an important factor. However, in many cases, companies can sometimes get this wrong when presenting their offering.

We think of it as: Perks, Pay and Pension – The 3 P’s! 

It is important to be clear from the outset what is offered in each of these categories. This is crucial as it is often the most heavily weighted factor that clinicians consider when taking a role.

  • For clinical work, have a transparent pay structure, which also references out of hours rates. Most doctors want to know that there is the option to work and earn more, so clarity around this is essential. 
  • Don’t assume a doctor will work for less if doing non-clinical work. The remuneration should be tied to the value of the work. In many cases we’ve seen companies pay more for work which directly contributes towards company business development and growth.
  • Consider creating a buzz around the incentives and financial rewards you are offering staff that makes you stand out from others. 
  • Pension benefits that are tied into performance of the company through stock options is another great attraction. It helps to build a sense of team and community through financial contribution, which is a core value of most healthcare professionals.


Some of the key themes that have come through in our experience recruiting doctors for remote working or telemedicine roles include:

  • Flexible working options – this has become one of the most desirable elements based on recent polls and company ability to attract and retain doctors.
  • Ensuring excellent clinical support and safety channels – make sure they can quickly and easily reach out to a colleague if they have an issue.
  • Regular educational events for CPD and team learning.
  • Clear pathways for growth within the company. Want to retain a good doctor? Make sure you nurture and help them to grow with you!


The problem most companies face is that the vast majority of doctors are unfamiliar with most employer brands beyond the NHS. These may include tech giants and large private healthcare providers.

This is why it is important to stand out by communicating a strong vision and mission that doctors can buy into from the start.

Your brand needs to be authentic, attractive, visible and amplified. 

We can also note that doctors are more likely to trust the brand if promoted through us and multiple other credible doctor-focused channels where engagement is high.

At Medic Footprints we have found that the best engagement for applications is with providers that are consistently getting their story out there and with a clear vision for their brand.

In Summary…

With the right employment offering, and an excellent branding strategy, you can attract top medical talent, even in a tight market. 

Ensure you partner with a specialist team, with an engaged network of doctors, to ensure you are seen consistently in the right places, by the right people. 

We have found that most doctors tend not to use traditional platforms such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor. So, if you are focused on these areas, you might be missing out on a huge pool of doctors who could otherwise be excellent members of your team!

Medic Footprints offers a dynamic team of experienced doctors providing specialist marketing and recruitment consultancy to companies seeking to attract and/or hire doctors.

If you need support on your hiring or branding needs from doctors who specialize in recruiting doctors, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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Zahra Bhatia

Zahra is a GP and Team Partner at Medic Footprints.