Lifestyle Medicine Opportunity with Compass Lifestyle Medicine


Concerned about the epidemic of chronic disease epidemic in the West? Seeking a more effective and innovative way of practising medicine?

Join Compass Lifestyle Medicine and train in lifestyle medicine and its delivery to become an innovative practitioner in this exciting new specialism.

Compass Lifestyle Medicine

Compass Lifestyle Medicine is a growing multidisciplinary team comprising dieticians, nutrition scientists, GPs, physicians, psychiatrists, microbiome experts, psychologists, positive psychologists and physical trainers. They have a vision to bring lifestyle medicine at scale to the NHS (patients and staff), health insurers, corporate and community settings and private healthcare. As a group they have active researchers, leads of commissioning groups and Primary Care Networks as well as practitioners working in the corporate and private healthcare sectors. They are therefore able to corporately explore delivery models and opportunities that work to enable a career in lifestyle medicine.


Join the Team

Compass Lifestyle Medicine are seeking motivated and creative individuals to join them in developing lifestyle medicine delivery in the UK. They have partnered with the Lifestyle Medicine Institute to bring one of the world’s best-researched lifestyle medicine intervention programmes to UK. The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) is an 18 module coached programme that can be delivered to groups or individuals, virtually or in person. Over 80,000 participants have completed it resulting in over 30 published peer-reviewed papers. It has proven effectiveness in improving blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin resistance, low mood, poor sleep and chronic stress. It, therefore, offers the possibility of arresting and reversing conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, dementia and some cancers.

Compass Lifestyle Medicine are offering you the chance to become a CHIP facilitator. They will equip you with the knowledge, resources and support to innovate, research and develop your lifestyle medicine practise. 


The Facilitator Training

The next round of facilitator training will take place in June 2020 at Heathrow. To be eligible to attend the facilitator training you will need to complete the CHIP education programme, which includes 27 hours of CPD for members of the BSLM. 

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Check out the reviews of the clinical effectiveness of CHIP by Dr Michael Greger:  



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