How to Hire a Developer for your Health Tech Startup in 2022 – The essential workshop for non-techies in healthcare

Apr 2, 2022 9:30am - Apr 2, 2022 5 pm
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Have you got a health tech startup idea?
In the early stages of developing the tech for your business?
..or previously got stung paying out £££s to developers for something you didn’t quite ask for or wasn’t the quality build you’d hoped for?


Look no further!

In proud collaboration with clinicians who have become accomplished developers within healthcare, Medic Footprints is running a 1 day interactive workshop with a simple mission:

To educate all on how to make the most out of tech without being exploited


Common mistakes made by non-techies

Not understanding the trade-offs for different types of coding languages 

Don’t let a developer lock you in to the wrong code!


Not understanding the quality of code can hurt their business later on

Getting a cheap developer early on in your build is false economy. This can destroy a company (check out MySpace!)


Not understanding the range of developers and their skillsets.

There are a lot of people who hire the wrong developers and find out when they try and deploy their application and it fails.



What you will learn on the course

  • Understand the different types of developers
  • How search for and vet a developer
  • Navigating common buzz words people don’t really understand – AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Machine Learning etc.
  • How to spot a cowboy software developer to avoid complications, broken apps, and missed deadlines
  • Coding concepts (high-level language, tech debt, server costs, documentation, decoupling)
  • Tech trade-offs
  • Cloud computing concepts
  • Economics around tech (solving the highest value solution with the least amount of tech)
  • Guarding against feature creep
  • Low cost ways to develop an Minimum Viable Product
  • The tools on how to control your code with version control preventing you from being caught in a vulnerable situation
  • How to structure your system to safely outsource some of our code projects to other countries without giving them access to your core systems

The speakers will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about your current tech situation.


Who is this workshop aimed at?

  • Clinicians with an idea for a health tech startup who want to know how to implement it
  • Clinicians who have experienced the above issues in their early stage tech startup



Who are the course leads?

Dr. Caroline Morton

Trained and worked as a GP however is now full time software developer

  • Oxford University – Epidemiologist  / Developer 
  • Published in Nature / Lancet / BMJ / Economist
  • Wrote Textbook for Computational Medicine
  • Developed and ran Coding for Medicine and Computational Medicine @ Imperial College – teaching medics to code
  • Currently working on Virtual A&E educational app funded by German government to be used in all german medical schools


Maxwell Flitton

Trained and worked as a Nurse, but now a full time software developer

  • Currently works at OasisLMF – an open source foundation for global disaster modelling for banks
  • Worked at Auto Service Finance (ASF) – Startup with £10m funding Series AI
  • Worked at Monolith AI – contract work included McLaren and L’Oreal
  • Published 2 textbooks including fusing Python with Rust*
  • Studied Medical Physics and Bioengineering
  • Work in 3D mapping in surgical robotics at UCL – featured at the Royal College of Surgeons for future tech
  • Currently working on Virtual A&E educational app funded by German government to be used in all german medical schools




What will you get?

A fantastic interactive day with interactive content delivered online – all from the comfort of your own home / office / the beach / wherever you want to participate!

Learn from genuine and talented health professionals passionate about educating about tech

Network with others doing similar things in health tech

Small group learning opportunities

Recordings of the day to refer to at a later date

Sense check your own tech experiences with the speakers

100% refund guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the workshop, having attended the course & provided feedback



It takes a great developer to hire a great developer.

So for those of us that aren’t – lets educate ourselves to avoid losing time, a LOT of money and huge headaches on poor tech!



£750 + VAT

MF Members – 10% discount

This is a small group workshop – so book early to reserve your spot.


Cancellations Policy

Cancel up to 30 days before – 50% refund

After this – non-refundable OR transfer course to another date.


Early bookings before 31st January 2022 entitled to 20% discount

Email: team@medicfootprints.org

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