Moving to Industry Roundtables for Doctors

Apr 11, 2023 7 pm - Jun 27, 2023 8:30pm
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Hey, Medic Footprints Community!

We are on a mission to connect 1 million doctors with the BEST in diverse career opportunities by 2030.

Therefore our Moving to Industry Roundtable was borne out of the need to create a space for you to connect, leverage expertise and build long lasting relationships to enable you make the transition to your industry sector of choice and beyond.


What is Moving to Industry Roundtable?

When you are a doctor practicing solely in a clinical setting, working in industry can seem like an enigma.

Join our Roundtable & begin to establish longer term relationships with other doctors who genuinely understand your journey, career origins and are interested in helping each other make the transition.

This is a virtual highly curated network and exclusive event giving you ability to:

  • Build valuable connections with other doctors moving to industry to help you grow
  • Uncover new opportunities to map out your next career move
  • Learn from similar challenges of other doctors looking to move to industry and problem solve alongside them


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All events happen online and on Tuesday evenings.

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What Can I Expect?

Doctors on the Medic Footprints Team will facilitate a conversation that allows you to share what you do, the challenges you face and how we can support each other.

You will receive bespoke insider mentoring and advice from peers and expert doctors in the Medic Footprints team.

You will also receive a personalised summary of recommendations offered in the event plus any other useful resources our team thinks will be beneficial to you!

Each session is capped at 5 participants.

The meeting will not be recorded.

There’s nothing you need to prepare.

Some events are themed where specifically indicated – please select the option you want.

Come as you are, we look forward to seeing you!


What does the Cost Cover?

The ticket fee ensures that everyone who joins is wholly committed to this dedicated time and can bring their full self with no distractions.

It also covers our time and energy for organising and facilitating this unique experience and ensuring our organisation remains independent and focused only on supporting doctors.


 MF Premium members and Doctors in Industry Incubator members go free.

Please email us to reserve your place – team@medicfootprints.org


Chatham House rules apply to this Round Table.


Any questions, please email team@medicfootprints.org


Moving into Industry Roundtables

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All roundtables run from 7pm - 8:30pm
Once you've paid, we are unable to refund your attendance fee if you're unable to attend. However, we can transfer this fee to another RoundTable in the future. This option is only available to you once. MF Premium members can attend Rountable events free of charge.