Conversations on Consent Webinar

Jun 15, 2020 4 pm - Jun 15, 2020 6 pm
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Join Inspire MediLaw for an exclusive online webinar to discuss hot topics surrounding consent.

Hosted by experts Lauren Sutherland QC and Nadine Montgomery; both are passionate about encouraging doctors, healthcare professionals and lawyers to understand informed consent.

After an introduction to a particular case and their journey to the Supreme Court, you will hear more about the implications of the decisions made across the medical and law professions. Lauren and Nadine will be joined by a panel of lawyers and clinicians to discuss the issues raised and the challenges faced in practice.

This is going to be a really interesting webinar hosted by some of the top experts in the field. If you are interested in the medico-legal sector, this should be a great opportunity to engage with these experts. Join the conversation!


It’s not enough to simply deliver a webinar on this complex topic and leave it at that. Many of the issues surrounding informed consent in clinical settings, and the mounting of a consent claim, need to be teased out in more detailed discussion. With this in mind, this webinar will be used as a springboard to get the Conversation going. There will be more panel events around the UK in autumn at which more complex issues can be explored further. Check out the details of these events here.

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