Doctors’ Morale Levels at Work: Insight from and ‘What the Bleep’

Posted by Genie Morkunaite on July 13, 2017

With over 222,000 members, is the UK’s largest online professional network of GMC-registered doctors. Established in 1998, the service is free and offers access to an email account, daily medical news, a closed forum, accredited CME and a wide range of other clinical resources. recently teamed up with What the Bleep to ask our members about their current levels of morale at work. Doctors representing a large number of specialities and seniorities took part in the survey.

The results showed that…

4 in 5 of these doctors currently feel stressed or overworked – and that 66% would consider working abroad in order to improve their work/ life balance. 52% said that they did not feel appreciated in the workplace, and nearly half of participating doctors said that they were considering leaving their career in medicine altogether.

Taken together, these results paint a stark picture of the current levels of morale of doctors working in the UK healthcare system.

Dr Richard Pullinger, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Clinical Adviser, said:

The decision to apply for medical training is never taken lightly and the prospect of hard work required for a medical career is balanced by the expected rewards of making the lives of the injured and unwell a little better. The imperfections of health services can weigh heavily upon the those involved.

Recent doctors strikes in several countries reflect the tension between rising public demand for health care and limitations of available resource.

Doctors are a resourceful bunch with transferable skills and naturally, they will compare systems and working environments between countries. No surprise that they consider and explore opportunities elsewhere and some will throw in an application or two if the time is right.

These survey results represent a snapshot of medical sentiment at a time of change in UK healthcare. Those responsible for the UK health system would do well to understand that the future of our health service, the envy of so many countries, is in their hands.

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