Doctor Workforce in Rural Australia

Sergio Arboldeas Posted by Sergio Arboldeas on July 14, 2014

Working in Rural Australia can become a formidable experience and a wonderful adventure. If you are a nature lover and like the quiet rural life it will provide you health, welfare, and… why not? a good salary. In Australia doctors and specialists are very well paid  especially in the most remote rural areas. With this map locator you can easily identify Australia’s remotest areas.

This news show that people who live in rural areas of Australia are dying 3 years earlier. This is mainly because it is difficult for them to access healthcare facilities and they have to move to cities to be attended by the relevant specialists. Therefore the government is planning to incentivise doctors to go to the most needed areas even giving double the salary when compared to other vacancies.

According to the statistics of the distribution of doctors in Australia,  the proportion of men and women is uneven. In the year 2011/12, 6.598 doctors were women while 14.270 were men, which represents more than double and its difference does not seem to diminish over time. In general terms the number of doctors in rural areas each year is lower. However there is an  increase in the number of OTD’s that are emigrating to Rural Australia in search of training opportunities and amazing wages.

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pic by Julia Chapple

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