Digital Design and Lean Bootcamp

Disrupt healthcare: Disrupt your career
Create an app. Become a designer. Go lean and digital.


*This is an external event organised by our friends Eurekadoc Publishing

Bored of your career? Fed up of doodling on the back of envelopes? Want to make things better?

Have a killer idea for a business or app? How can we make healthcare work more effectively? How can you realise your dreams?
This workshop will teach you:

  • How to design
  • How to create an app (bring your laptop for live teaching)
  • How to transform healthcare

You will learn:

  • What is design and how is it applicable to healthcare?
  • How can you get into design?
  • What will a career in design look like for you?
  • Why does healthcare need creativity?
  • How do I build an app?
  • What is UX?
  • What is meant by lean and six sigma?
  • How are these terms applicable to healthcare?
  • How to be innovative in healthcare

And much, much more….
This will be an interactive day with a blend of education and practical exercises to inspire you and arm you with the tools to disrupt healthcare and disrupt your career. Invest in your future and in digital & design now!


  • Dr Gyles Morrison, Clinical UX designer for Concentra, CEO of Digital Medley
  • Mr Anish Joshi – Head of Creative Design, EY-Seren, Imperial MBA Student
  • Dr Farhana Safa –  Ophthalmic Surgeon turned car designer, RCA Alumnus, Ambassador for The STEM People
  • Mr James Denholme – Service Designer, EY-Seren, Entrepreneur
  • Dr Angela Wu, Former Surgical Trainee, Founder of London App Brewery
  • Mr Daniel Leggett, Lean Practitioner, Former Siemens Engineer, Project Manager and Black Belt in Six Sigma

Your most distinguished hosts for the day:

  • Dr Aroon Baskaradas, Management Consultant, Educationalist, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Co-founder of Eurekadoc
  • Dr Lafina Diamandis, Property Investor, Entrepreneur, Paediatrician, Co-founder of Eurekadoc

Tickets £25 – 48.76

Saturday 25th June 2016

9:30 – 16:00

LT G16 – Sir Alexander Fleming Building Imperial College, South Kensington, , SW7 2AZ


*This is an external event organised by our friends Eurekadoc Publishing

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