Clinical Developers Network

Matt Stammers is an NHS based Gastroenterology registrar who founded the Clinical Developers Network, borne out of his frustration with IT issues both within, and outside of the system.

For a long time I have looked on as successive groups have tried to change things without much success.

The clinician developer is a hybrid-doctor who understands both worlds and knows how to speak to both sides.

Now the clinical developer comes in many shapes and forms. Some like me love the technical things and machine learning, others love UX and design, others just love building websites and some don’t actually code themselves but they use tools to develop. This is for the majority the best way to start.

After all, the clinician developer doesn’t seek to displace full-time developers but rather to bridge the gap. What does the clinician bring that no other can? A deep understanding of the problems! Only clinical staff have this perspective.

For more information on the network and how you can get involved, check out the press release and/or, head over to the website

Together we can #change #healthcare for the better

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