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Dr Claire Kaye

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About Claire

Claire is a qualified Executive Coach specialising in career development as well as being a former Portfolio GP. She has spent over 20 years developing her expertise and approach to serving others.

Claire walks the alternative career path that many of her clients aspire to. She has learned to challenge and change her mindset, overcome obstacles and to identify her core purpose at each stage of her life.

In addition to one-to-one coaching, Claire is well known for delivering interactive coaching seminars and podcasts for many different organisations including BMJ LIVE, BMJ Masterclass and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Claire’s aim as a career coach for medics, speaker and educator is to help people reach their potential through understanding and pursuing what it is they really want and need.


Claire is an ILM-certified coach and member of the Association for Coaching, abides by the global code of ethics of the AC and EMCC 2016 and also attends regular supervision.

She is currently studying for an additional coaching diploma with the Association of Coaching.


Claire provides the following services:

One-to-One Coaching:

Reach your potential through a series of face-to-face or remote individual coaching sessions.

These sessions are an opportunity for you to really assess what you want in your career and life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I get and how long are they?

  • Each coaching course is 6 sessions. Each session lasts approx. 1.5-2hrs long

How often do I have a session?

  • This depends on the individual but it’s usually every 3-4 weeks

What will I do in the sessions?

  • You will set goals with the support of your coach. Over the coaching series you will put in place next steps to allow you to reach your goals. This may mean making changes in your career and life but for some clients its about falling back in love with what they already have

What happens if I do not know what I want? Should I not have coaching yet?

  • Many clients say that they don’t know what they want when they embark on coaching, but most know that they want something else. This is normal and with our help you will be able to really get to what it is that you are trying to achieve

​Do I have to wait to the end of the coaching series to make changes?

  • Absolutely not. Most people start to see things differently from the first session and you will start to take next steps when its right for you

Team Coaching:

Take your team to the next level with a one-off or series of team coaching sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

​What is Team Coaching?

  • Team coaching unlocks a team’s potential by learning to collaborate with each other to achieve team outcomes. It is a highly motivating process that helps to create an effective and responsive team

​How Do I Decide What My Team Would Need?

  • Don’t worry we will help you with this. We will have an initial chat with you and help to ascertain where the issues are and what areas you would like to build on. We also talk to the team so that the sessions are truly tailor-made

​Is There A Set Format or Is It Flexible?

  • It’s completely flexible. Essentially, we will cater to you and your team’s needs. We offer one to one interviewing, personality testing and much more. We can provide one-off sessions or a series of sessions to suit your needs

Seminars, Workshops and Podcasts:

Let us design bespoke seminars, workshops and podcasts for your organisation.

This is a great way to reach a large number of people quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Topics Do You Cover?

We can do pretty much anything you need but here are some suggestions:

  • How to Thrive
  • Gain control
  • Introduction to  coaching
  • How to have a career that you love
  • How to work collaboratively
  • How to build individual and team goals
  • How to control your ‘busyness’ so that you are effective
  • How to network effectively
  • How to delegate
  • How to manage your time effectively
  • How to innovate at work
  • How to do less and achieve more
  • How build a portfolio career

Away-Day Facilitation:

We will design and deliver a programme for your away-day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

  • You let us know what your organisation needs or hopes to achieve from your away-day. We will then put together and deliver a varied and relevant program for the day

​What Do We Need to Provide?

  • You just need to provide the venue, refreshments, and the team!


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During the first session, I was clueless as to what I was doing or wanted to do. Claire gave me a sense of direction towards what I wanted to achieve through her focused, tailored approach. Her “what else” questions motivated me to think deeper and highlighted the importance of self-realisation and having a structured view to attain my goal. I would like to thank her for her support throughout and helping me gain insight into my career and personal achievements during my journey with her.

Salaried GP

Claire gave me a sense of direction with a focused tailored approach towards what I wanted to  achieve. Her ‘what else’ questions motivated me to think deeper and highlighted the importance of  self-realisation and having a structured view to  attain my goal.


Claire is a skilled coach with a useful background in medicine and collaborative work. She understands the context and utilises the skills of individuals within a team. Claire got to the crux of issues quickly and effectively. She Also motivated and engaged the team effectively.

Federation Medical Director

She has a warm friendly persona, is accommodating, methodical, a great listener and challenges your mindset when necessary to help you consider different options and approaches.


I feel this experience will stay with me. Claire’s coaching helped me in my life overall, as well as in my career.


I would 100% recommend Claire as a coach – there has been a marked difference in terms of where I am now as to when I first started working with her. One of my aims was to raise my public profile and a lot of people have since commented that it has “taken a massive turn in the last 12 months”. I believe this is down to Claire’s coaching and I am very thankful to her!

Editor-in-Chief, Magazine

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