Charly Cox – Leadership Coach

A Highly Experienced and Driven Leadership Coach – Charly’s Vision

charly cox leadership coachCharly is a leadership coach who works with people who have a conviction that the world can be run a better way and who can’t help themselves but to step up and do something about it. She particularly loves those who want to pioneer change around the big issues facing our times.


People Charly Helps as a Leadership Coach

She particularly loves those who want to pioneer change around the big issues facing our times. Charly is known for being at once a powerful cheerleader when things are tough, and a strong-armed challenger to those voices of doubt that hold us back.

It’s really important to Charly that while working together you also learn how to coach yourself. For Charly, a true sense of empowerment comes from both knowing ourselves better and understanding how to use that knowledge in times of challenge.


Her Background and An Impressive Wealth of Experience

charly cox leadership coachCharly came to coaching after 7 years working in Sierra Leone, West Africa, where she built a creative agency from scratch, to become a company working across continents with clients including the UN and British Airways.

In a country of few resources, Charly saw firsthand how great leaders had the power to drive change on a shoestring, and that all the funds in the world achieved nothing without them. For this reason, Charly focusses on leadership development and works with people who yearn to lead change.

Charly is a certified co-active coach and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. She is also a trained relationship and systems coach and a licensed practitioner of the Insights Discovery psychometric personality tool. Charly has coached over 1300 hours with clients.

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