Inside Scope on Medical Education

Abeyna Jones Posted by Abeyna Jones on January 05, 2018

Are you an educationalist? Or perhaps unsure as to where to turn if considering alternative pathways from clinical medicine? Dr. Rohit Chitkara Dr. Rohit Chitkara, valued member

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Bringing Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice

Posted by Amina Davison on April 12, 2017

There is an exciting new wave of medics seeking ways to focus on holistic, nutrition based medicine for themselves and their patients to tackle chronic

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The Doctor with the Ultimate Portfolio Career

Russell Goodman Posted by Russell Goodman on February 28, 2017

A portfolio career is the panacea for burnout.     We have the pleasure of speaking with the multifaceted Dr. Meng Aw-Yong - finding out what

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Thriva disrupts health through home blood test data tracking

Abeyna Jones Posted by Abeyna Jones on December 16, 2016

Sarvi Eastell Meet Sarvi Eastell. Surgeon. Entrepreneur. Founder. Mentor. Mother - and now Chief Medical Officer of an exciting new healthtech startup set to disrupt health by

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Public Health Training: The Real Deal

Posted by Charlotte Leigh on November 23, 2016

Public Health is a well known 'alternative' career for doctors as a small specialty (as per GMC description - less than 250 trainees) focusing on

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Be inspired with creative lifestyle guru & GP – Emaese Jegede

Posted by Charlotte Leigh on November 09, 2016

    Meet Dr. Emaese Jegede - one of the inspiring ACW Awards Finalists 2016 in the Diversified Medic of the Year Category for her pursuits beyond

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