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Carolyne Crowe

An understanding, determined, award winning coach and ex-vet

About Carolyne

My coaching journey began several years ago when I was working as an equine veterinary surgeon. I really enjoyed my clinical work but I knew I had skills that I wasn’t using.

Having gone into the profession with a primary interest in animals, I had become more and more interested in the people I met and understanding what drove their expectations and behaviours.

My husband is also a vet, and between us not only have we lost ten friends and colleagues to suicide, but we weren’t thriving either at work or personally or both. These sobering (but sadly all too common) experiences awoke in me a determination to do something positive for the brilliant people working so hard in the profession that I love.

I also have two children, so I understand the challenges many people face on a daily basis – juggling the children, work and, well quite frankly, life! None of us are super-human and yet it’s easy to feel we ‘should’ be doing so much more than we are… but really should we?

I know there are times when you can feel like you’re the only person struggling to meet the high standards you set yourself; that everyone else seems to be coping, to be fitting it all in and why can’t you…

If this strikes a chord with you, know that you’re not alone in feeling this way, and more importantly, that I can help.

My Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (with Distinction) along with my experiences as a vet, wife, mother and coach enable me to help professionals just like you to gain clarity, create options and open up real choices.

I am a CIPD Accredited Trainer in Wellbeing and Stress Management, an Accredited Resilience Trainer for both individuals and managers and a Master Trainer in DISC Behavioural Profiling. I use DISC behavioural profiling to improve self-awareness, enhance how you communicate with colleagues, your boss, your team and your family by gaining a better understanding of your own innate style and preferences.


Carolyne also has an accreditation as a Coach of Excellence

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