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Sara SabinWith a solid corporate background, Sara specialises in advising doctors in how to prepare a non-medical CV and how to prepare for a non-medical interview. She is also the Co-Founder of Medic Footprints.

She’s worked for ten years in various roles in tax, accounting and finance, before devoting all of her time to more entrepreneurial business pursuits. During her time at Medic Footprints, she recruited doctors into various management consultancy posts, before focusing more on careers advisory work.

She advised doctors on how to get their perfect non-medical job. Including converting their medical CV into the perfect non-medical CV by showcasing their transferable skills; drafting the perfect cover letter, and advising on how to succeed at a competency-based interview.

The majority of doctors that approached her wanted advice on getting into management consultancy, so Sara has particular expertise in this area, however, she also provides more general advice on non-medical CV’s and interview skills.

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“I had a very positive experience with Sara, she offers a very professional service. Her insights were invaluable and her suggestions gave me the direction I needed, I’d happily recommended her!”

Dr. Harpreet Kaur Mann


“I got in touch with Sara to help me with my CV. She was brilliant. She was prompt in replying, was knowledgable and constructive and happy to answer all of my questions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

George, EM Trainee

“I got in touch with Sara to assist me in the case study and interview process for several management consultancy positions I had applied for.

Sara was extremely knowledgeable and constructive throughout the whole process, adjusting our session to meet my individual needs and strengthen my areas of concern. We covered both typical interview questions and styles, various different recruitment approaches taken by companies, and an in-depth practice of a case study.

I cannot recommend her highly enough; with her guidance, I got offered a position from my first interview at a company that I am extremely excited to work for.

From the first conversation, it is evident that Sara has an in-depth knowledge of management consultancy, and the recruitment processes involved, and particularly was able to guide me in recognising which skills I had from my previous job as a junior doctor that would make me successful in this line of work.”

Dr Robbie Hamilton


“I approached Sara on the recommendation of another Doctor who was looking for an alternative career outside of clinical medicine. I am grateful for following up on his advice.

Sara explored my career interests and spent a lot of time advising me on the paths that would suit my experience and skillset. She was instrumental in helping me to craft my CV, ensuring I was appealing to key decision makers when it came to the recruitment process.

In addition, Sara’s extensive industry knowledge and contacts meant I was eventually selected to work for a boutique management consultancy firm- a role that involves working with high-end clients helping them to shape their market strategies and deployments in healthcare.”

Dr Roshan Vara.


I contacted Sara for advice on how I could improve my CV. Sara was very prompt in responding and gave me very useful tips and recommendations on how I could tailor my CV towards the role I was applying to. Thank you.”

Dr Ranjan Kale.


“Sara, thank you for your advice and helpful recommendations. The CV Service that you have provided has been highly professional and efficient and your suggestions have provided valuable insight into how to structure and present a corporate CV. A change of career can be a daunting exercise for a medic and your guidance has revealed an invaluable understanding of the corporate requirements of a management consulting CV.”

Dr Ashir Rabikoosen (Former CMO International SOS)


“As I was applying for my first management consulting job as an experienced hire, I was put in contact with Sara. She provided some helpful material to work on, and then we worked through the interview process, as well as case studies.

Having never applied for a similar position, as I had worked in the NHS as a doctor for my entire work life prior to this. Following her helpful guidance, I was able to secure the first and only job I applied for in a highly selective and competitive boutique firm.

The feedback I received from the interview was that I was very strong in the interviews and case studies, and it was easy for them to offer me a position in a senior position despite my lack of management consulting experience.

It was very clear, that Sara’s guidance allowed me to perform well in the selection process, guide me on how to answer case studies, and provide insight into what being a management consultant involves.”

Dr Sarah Owen


“Highly recommend Sara’s CV consultancy service. She was professional, friendly, efficient and very prompt with her communications. She gave a high level of detail and insight in her analysis. I am now more confident that my CV stands me in good stead with potential employers.”

Jason, Radiology Registrar


“I approached Sara because I needed help with my CV, I am a medical doctor and was looking for advices on how to write a non-medical CV. Sara promptly replied my email, explained her work and helped me by providing expert advices. She is clearly knowledgeable and experienced about how to prepare a non-medical CV. The result was great, and I was so satisfied with her professionalism and the quality of the  work that I request her advices on how to prepare a cover letter, and later on how to optimise my LinkedIn profile. One thing that I liked was that, in addition to the extremely helpful advices on those services, she offered me supportive tips for how to approach job hunting. Moreover, all the work was quick, careful and extremely professional. I was glad to find such a great professional, and I would definitely recommend Sara to doctors who need help transitioning career.”

 Yuri, Clinical Research Fellow

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