Career Change Support

Change is a continuum. Majority of the time these changes are small, immeasurable and go unnoticed; however what most people fear is noticeable, conscious & perhaps more meaningful change occurrences.

Whether you’re looking for guidance in supporting & developing in a career you already love, or looking for other career trajectories, within medicine or beyond; knowing where and how to find help is the key to your success.

This section is currently in construction but will include;

  • Information and Links to Career Coaches for Doctors – we also put on Career Coaching focused events, check out our Past Event.
  • How to search for a mentor
  • Online resources on career change

If you offer related services to this, please send us a line.

Otherwise, if you are looking for some bespoke advice on getting started, we can help you with this for a small fee. Please contact us with your requirements.

*NB: If you work and/or live in London, please consider contacting the Professional Support Unitat the London Deanery to access up to 4 sessions of free career coaching.