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Featured Listing
Image description
Business Genre:
Summary: Passionate, curious and making a difference in doctors' lives
(Dr) Muzammal ~ Restorative Wholeness
Business Genre:
Summary: I provide a safe, authentic space to help people release emotional baggage and connect with essence so they can feel more fulfilled, creative and free. Fast-track breakthroughs over video call (e.g. 5 weeks).
Business Genre:
Summary: We all have the ability to love our lives. I help you reconnect with your inner wisdom and innate wellbeing so you can experience a life you love.
Doctors Caring for Doctors
Business Genre:
Summary: Helping doctors to discover a fulfilling life and a rewarding career, without burning out., because you don't have to do it all to be a great physician
Empowerment through Rapid Transformational Therapy
Business Genre: ,
Summary: Empowering healthcare professionals by helping them break free from their issues , be it anxiety, depression, success or money blocks through Rapid Transformational Therapy
Homey Agencies Ltd.
Business Genre:
Summary: Homey is bringing property sales, lettings and management into the 21st century through technology focussed sales and lettings systems, UK wide coverage so single point of contact for all your property needs and all the benefits of a centralised HQ and awesome locally based Property Success Managers for that in-person touch.
Pentagon Investments
Business Genre:
Summary: Created by a number of young, driven professionals who take a data-focused approach to sourcing, Pentagon Investments provides a tailored service that takes into account your personal investment goals
Phyte Club
Business Genre:
Summary: CBD for Sport | Skin | Spirit
Business Genre:
Summary: Renovat offers specialist refurbishment and residential renovation services. At renovat, our mission is to renovate and re-design your property according to the client's vision.
Sue Boynton Dentolegal Consultant
Business Genre:
Summary: I help dentists to develop non clinical careers via One to One Development Sessions

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