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Turning tides in doctors’ wellbeing: from individual resilience to systemic responsibility

Posted by Lauren on March 25, 2020

A popular way to respond to increasing workloads and pressures in healthcare has been to put responsibility on the individual to ‘build resilience’ and ‘manage

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Medic Footprints Coronavirus Update

Abeyna Jones Posted by Abeyna Jones on March 23, 2020

Last updated 23rd March 2020 We couldn’t be prouder of everything that medics are doing up and down the country to serve and protect us all.

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Doctors – Why PPE is the least effective way of protecting yourself from COVID-19

Abeyna Jones Posted by Abeyna Jones on March 14, 2020

This article is written by Abeyna Bubbers-Jones. A London based Occupational Health Consultant and Founder of Medic Footprints. Aimed at doctors working on the front

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Are our roles as doctors being eroded by other healthcare professionals?

Abeyna Jones Posted by Abeyna Jones on February 29, 2020

The UK government has recently announced plans to train nurses to perform surgical procedures. Qualified nurses will undergo a 2 year training

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Ways to Downsize your Career as a Doctor: Getting more from doing less

Abeyna Jones Posted by Abeyna Jones on January 05, 2020

Downsizing is commonly associated with retirement, however in such a busy world and particularly practicing medicine at any stage in your career, it's remarkably easy

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5 trends to expect in alternative careers for doctors in the 20s

At the beginning of the '10s, I was just about to finish my core surgical training in a pit of despair with a view to

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