Australia Summary

Here we present a short overview of working in Australia. Our premium members can gain access to our Ultimate Guide to working in Australia - all of the ins and outs of applying for visas, acing the AMC exam, gaining registration with the MBA and more.

AUSTRALIA POPULATION: 25,466,000 (2019)

CURRENCY: Australian Dollar (AUD)

LIFE EXPECTANCY & CAUSE OF DEATH:  See the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare’s website for a detailed breakdown.

POLITICAL STRUCTURE: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

SAFETY: Overall, Australia is a safe country by international standards. See here for a breakdown of crime statistics in Australia.

You’ve dreamed of sun-kissed beaches, red dessert and a land of rich history for a while now and you’ve decided working in Australia will be your next adventure. So, what next? In this summary, we’ll take you through the key points you need to know to apply to work as a doctor in Australia.

Why should I work as a doctor in Australia?

With world-class medical care, strong public and private health systems and excellent working conditions and remuneration, Australia has long been regarded as a great place for doctors to work. Whether you’re looking to advance your skills through fellowship, engage in cutting edge research or to work and enjoy a wealth of activities in your leisure time, Australia has you covered.

How do I gain registration as a doctor in Australia?

In brief, as an international medical graduate, you must show you hold a qualification in medicine and surgery recognized by the Australian Medical Council (AMC). You will then need to sit and pass an examination set by the AMC. From here, depending on your skills, clinical background and specialization, you can apply for one of several pathways to gain registration with the Medical Board of Australia (MBA). For more information on which pathway you qualify for, see here. Beyond this, there is general registration with the MBA, or several other options for registration, on the MBA website.

Do I need a visa to work in Australia?

To work in Australia, you’ll need to obtain a working visa. There are a few different options for doctors specifically that cover short-stays, long stays and non-clinical work, which you can look through here

Will my personal healthcare be covered while I’m in Australia?

Yes, as a citizen of the UK the Reciprocal Health Care Agreements (RHCA) ensures that Medicare will cover all acute and chronic health care costs. If you are a citizen of another country, check this website to see if you are covered and advice on how to find coverage if not.

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