Another way forward for medical students?

Sara Sabin Posted by Sara Sabin on May 30, 2015

BMA article published last Friday states that hundreds of medical students are still waiting for a place to start their Foundation Year medical training.The programme has been over-subscribed for the last five years.

I can fully imagine how soul destroying it must be after completing years at university to then find it difficult to find a place to complete the Foundation Years.

Often though, when we find ourselves in this situation, it can be because we are supposed to look at other options. A classic example of this would be for example; being fired or made redundant from a job that you were not passionate about, only to find something wonderful a few months later.

For those that are committed to a career medicine, then you should of course continue waiting for a place to train – sometimes we do have to be a little patient. You could consider enhancing your CV by diversifying your career and/or developing other skills outside medicine; during your practice or within career breaks.

For those that are not sure, there are so many opportunities out there and let’s not forget how highly a medical degree is regarded! All of those skills and extra-curricular activities are transferable – want to go and work in the City? Want to set up your own business? Become a journalist? You can do it! Time to start thinking,

What do I feel passionate about?!

Then from there, the only person standing in your way is YOU

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