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Sara Sabin Posted by Sara Sabin on January 06, 2016



Like many people going back to work in January, did you have a touch of the January blues? The New Year is a time of reflection for many people about areas of their life that maybe aren’t as they would like them to be.

For some, all that’s required is a change in perspective, for others you may have decided that this year is the year that you change your life entirely.

Often, at our Medic Footprints events, we hear that doctors don’t really believe that they have a whole host of options outside medicine that are available to them. Believe me, you have many transferrable skills that are very attractive to employers, either in a full time or part time capacity.

Sometimes, it just takes ideas being thrown at you of what options are out there for you to really open your eyes and start to think about whether there is something else that you would be more suited to and more content doing. The days of the lifelong career are no longer the norm.

To further benefit our community of doctors, Medic Footprints is launching a Careers Opportunities Board; the only board of its kind specifically for doctors looking for Alternative Careers.

As with any new venture, it will be starting small with a few opportunities and we will add more roles as they come along (so keep checking back in or sign up to our newsletter!), so that you get a comprehensive overview ofemployers looking for doctors.

To apply for jobs, contact the organisation directly. Contact details will be featured in the advert.

If you need any consultancy advice regarding how to draft a non-medical CV or prepare for a non-medical interview, then drop us a line via our Contact form.

Happy New Year!

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