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**BCAM have produced some COVID-19 guidance for Aesthetic Practitioners. See link at the bottom of this page**

Are you currently practicing Aesthetics OR interested in joining the field?

Are you looking for ongoing professional support to help you grow?

British College of Aesthetic Medicine (BCAM) is the key professional body in the high-growth future field of Aesthetic medicine.

With increasing popularity in Aesthetic Medicine, we pose as the GMC Designated Body for the quality assurance of doctors, therefore anyone interested in developing their career in aesthetics should join – from students to experts worldwide.


Why practice in Aesthetics?

Aesthetics is such a growing field there’s huge interest in it. Traditional thinking of the specialism as fillers, botox, threads, peels etc. is partially correct, but it is so much more than that.

Some of the anti-aging / metabolic medicine innovation is cutting edge and is likely to inform or even lead the next 50 years of medicine, as people face longer lifespans but with challenges to quality of life – ‘Star Trek’ medicine is one phrase that has been used.

Anti-ageing came through strongly as a future conference topic at the last BCAM annual event in September 2020. Aesthetics is also viewed increasingly as aligned with functional medicine, lifestyle medicine, health and well-being colleagues.

Up to now most BCAM members are in private practice. There are a handful which still do some NHS work but it’s a small percentage.

Our most recent members’ survey underlined that most people are in the field for patient good and a for rewarding career rather than just the financial rewards. 


Quality assurance within Aesthetics Practice

As aesthetics grows there is a need to stand out from the crowd and underscore one’s own professional standing.

Unfortunately Aesthetics suffers from a lack of regulation.

Put this together with burgeoning patient demand, we are seeing allied health professionals through to beauticians attracted to the specialism, some with little or minimal training.

Training programmes range from those offered by quality providers, through to new market entrants with little or no track record in our field. This doesn’t affect clinicians so much but the good name of aesthetics suffers by extension.

Qualified doctors and dentists like you can really help your own cause by ensuring you join us as the leading membership body of Aesthetics.

We offer the thought-leadership and key opinion leaders required in the aesthetics field, where the pace of practice has outstripped regulation. 

How joining our community can support your practice

Join with like-minded expert colleagues across the country and internationally at the leading edge of medicine

A structured pathway of educational programmes, networking opportunities and events  

Use BCAM as your designated body with a revalidation option, more cost-effective than IDF

Discounts on educational events including our annual conference

Find a practitioner search-engine on the homepage of the website where you can promote your practice

Mentoring opportunities, either as mentor or mentee

and more..!


View the current COVID-19 BCAM resource for Aesthetic Practitioners

Community and Membership

Arguably it has been a little difficult to join us in the past, therefore, we have recently extended our classes of membership so that we have broadened appeal.

There is now a new entry-level “student” category which anyone studying at a med or dental school in the UK or EU will qualify for.

Above that there is a ‘Affiliate’ class which simply requires a GMC or GDC registration number to join;

Beyond that ‘Associates’ and then ‘Full’ members are at the top of the scale.

So we are after reaching out to all doctors and dentists interested in furthering their knowledge of aesthetics and/or developing a career in the field. In the UK and beyond!


We are collecting expressions of interest from those who wish to learn more about what BCAM can offer them, hence please leave your details below and we’ll get back to you!

Alternatively you can visit our website for more details or complete their joining form.


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