ACW 2020 Conference Co-Leads

The ACW event is an unrivalled annual conference created by Medic Footprints which has helped changed the career trajectory and lifestyle of thousands of medics over the years.

Designed to transform, inspire and connect doctors in the UK and internationally, the focus lies on supporting doctors to  exploring alternative careers and wellbeing.

Our next conference is due to run in London, October 2020 and will be our 5th!



The success of the our past ACW conferences are largely down to the vision and talents of a diverse team of doctors who contribute to creation and delivery whilst focusing on the best quality experience doctors deserve  – something which is rarely found at your average conference for doctors.

We are looking for some dynamic individuals to co-lead aspects of the planning of this event which includes;

Event Planning, Design & Experience

Marketing and Promotion

Community, Speaker and Client Relationships

Management of the ACW Team


The right people for this role will have many of the following attributes:

  • Ex-doctor, doctor or medical student
  • Passionate about exploring alternative careers and wellbeing
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Interest or experience in event design and planning
  • Active on social media
  • Open minded and willing to learn new things
  • Keen on networking beyond their professional and social circles to leverage opportunities for their own personal development

It would also be ideal if you’ve attended any of our previous, events , webinars or conferences before.


Who has worked on the team before?

You will be working closely with the existing team which consists of doctors and non-medics in the UK and overseas. We are very much a down to earth, diverse, pseudo family despite some of us never having met in person!

Previous ACW team members have varied widely from medical students, to non-medics, practicing doctors, ex-doctors and more.

They’ve all gone on to do very interesting things as a result of their experiences which includes working overseas, bagging a job with one of our clients which includes big brand companies such as PWC and some have been inspired to set up their own brand of courses or events for doctors exploring alternatives.



This varies depending on the time of year before the conference, however we expect approx. cumulatively 8 – 10hrs work performed flexibly (e.g. determined by you) throughout the week, in addition to attending our 1hr remote meeting on Monday evenings.

You need to be able to work flexibly with some availability to work during daytime hours (e.g. if you are in a conventional full time job during the weekdays you would find this difficult to commit to)

We don’t monitor your hours, but this gives you an idea of what level of commitment we’d prefer for this project.

We will also need you to come to London for the conference itself which will take place on a weekend in October 2020 (either 3rd or 4th weekend).



The role is largely voluntary; most team members who join us use this as a unique experience to learn new skills and develop a new network for themselves.

We also offer commission for securing certain packages with our clients.

We can also cover reasonable expenses related to your work with us.



  • Training from the Founder and team members
  • Ongoing support throughout remotely using apps for communication
  • Opportunity to develop a network providing you with limitless opportunities for your own career development
  • A chance to learn new skills and to push your own boundaries!
  • Be part of a team of passionate individuals at the forefront of widening access to diverse career opportunities for doctors.


Interested? We’d love to hear from you!

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