Abeyna Jones


Occupational Medicine Physician, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, BBC Expert Voice

Graduating from Nottingham University in 2006, I subsequently trained as a surgeon. After gradually becoming disenchanted with the NHS at that time, I decided to explore healthcare systems overseas by embarking on a 2 year sabbatical working in General Surgery and Trauma in South Africa.

It was this enriching and career-defining experience that motivated me to Co-Found Medic Footprints; originally a resource for doctors planning overseas work, however later pivoting to an umbrella organisation connecting medical professionals with diverse careers and wellbeing support.

I’ve since discovered that starting a business from scratch has been a genuine & extremely unique challenge, not experienced within that of of my clinical work!

In 2014 I made the difficult decision to leave surgery and transition over to Occupational Medicine, which has since afforded me with diverse career opportunities, and allowed me to explore and engage in passions within the healthcare sphere that I was previously naive to; entrepreneurship, leadership and politics. I have since gained invaluable insight into healthcare’s big picture, identifying that medical professionals feeling demoralised and undervalued, seeking alternative options or leaving the profession entirely is a global public health problem which threatens healthcare.

Our core mission is to ensure that doctors are happy in what they do. Doctors represent some of the world’s most talented people – and in unlocking this talent, this can contribute to some truly amazing outcomes for society.

I currently work in both the public and private sector as an Occupational Health Physician alongside running Medic Footprints

Fancy joining the Medic Footprints team?

We’re looking for talented individuals to join our team! Whether you’re into blogging, event design and implementation, admin, networking etc, we’re looking to grow with the aim to reach all doctors and beyond!

If you’re curious as to how you can help, please contact us.


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