6 tips you should know before working overseas

Sergio Arboldeas Posted by Sergio Arboldeas on December 06, 2014

According to experts, a greater part of emigration is due to economic reasons, lack of positive expectations about the future and insecurity problems (physical or legal). If you are a doctor, to gain some experience in your profession is the key factor as well as to improve your  CV as Sara Sabin wrote in her post ‘ The benefits of working abroad for your career‘.

Once you have taken this decision of emigrating, it is important to stay optimistic and prepare yourself in advance for new adventures.

We would like to give you the following tips before taking your departure:

  1. Renew your official documents such as your Passport, ID card and driving license. Sometimes, we do not realize that our ID is about to expire, and to renew it in a foreign country might be really tedious;
  2. Cancel all service contracts on time or find the most  affordable rate in order to keep maintaining them  if you think you will come back soon;
  3. Try to obtain your contract before starting working. It will help you to avoid surprises or unnecessary misunderstandings and both, your boss and you will know what to expect from each other
  4. Learn more about culture of the country you intend to go to. Since you’ll be working in a foreign country where there will be some cultural differences, it will help you a lot. Try to find out if there are particular customs in your workplace.
  5. Bring enough savings, taking into consideration your expected income.
  6. Find accommodation in advance. We recommend you to find accommodation before starting your new job. If you can do so before reaching your country, it would be great (never pay in advance if you do not have any references from the website because there are many scammers out there). You also can book visits in advance through email or by phone to start taking a look accommodations as soon as possible.


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