3 tips to building a consistent brand for your healthcare business

Looking for advice on building a brand for a healthcare business? 99designs has compiled 3 specific tips that fall neatly into this category


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If you run your own company, you can’t just follow generic tips on ‘business branding’ because things are different in every industry. Do you really think that the advice given to healthcare companies and financial service organisations should be the same? Of course not!

As a result, you need to be more forensic in your approach and look for branding advice directly related to healthcare. Fortunately, 99designs share their 3 tips to building a brand specifically for your healthcare business:

1. Professional Logo & Corporate Design

Your logo is the basis of your entire corporate design including stationery, signage and promotional materials, so you need to get it right! The best healthcare logos often contain an icon or symbol that represents the medical field and would typically take several words to explain. Since your logo is the foundation of the rest of your marketing, take your time when it comes to choosing the design and color scheme.

You want a colour palette that emphasises calmness and trust, so lighter hues such as greens, yellows and blues would traditionally be seen as good options. Never use more than 1-2 main colors and one accent color and don’t slavishly follow the generic color psychology charts you see online.

It is far more important to examine your brand personality and build your color palette around it. Once you have defined this personality, you can really dig deep to find the best color scheme by looking at your target audience.

While a traditional hospital or clinic may be better off sticking with serene blues, an assisted living center may have better success by using richer hues to give residents the feeling that they are at home. I do recommend staying away from high contrast or highly saturated colors as they can cause anxiety in patients.

2. Be Personal, Not Clinical

If you go through the website of any number of healthcare organisations, you’ll find the content to be as sterile as the conditions in a well-maintained hospital! Above all else, you must remember that healthcare is very personal which means you must appear warm and open rather than cold and clinical.

Be sure to tell your company’s story on the official website and outline your values in a mission statement. You must clearly show how your organization has had a positive impact on the local community. Focus on the effects your services have had on people and show why your company is unique.

It’s also a great idea to show pictures of your staff and perhaps a little bit of background on each person. Now, visitors actually see your staff and you’re no longer a faceless corporate entity. Obviously, your web design needs to be consistent across the board. Any color schemes or special logos you use should also be clearly displayed on any other marketing materials you create.

3. Gain Trust & Inspire Confidence

Like it or not, the public’s perception of the healthcare system in the United States (and a number of other developed countries) is negative. You must realise that customers will always remember your company more for how you made them feel rather than what you did or didn’t do.

If you can, get permission from patients to discuss how your organisation helped them through a tough spell in their life. Everyone wants to hear ‘feel good’ stories. Perhaps more importantly, they want to read about how your staff made the patient feel welcome and kept their spirits up.

Another powerful way to gain trust is via professional photos of smiling patients. You want your visitors to see these images and get the impression that you are a healthcare provider that really cares, and visual evidence is hard to beat on that score. Basically, patients want to get better but they also want to be treated as humans rather than as statistics.

Social Proof is another excellent way to gain trust. Posting details of the connection between your company and patients on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook can significantly increase the number of patients that attend your practice. 81% of people admit to being influenced by the social media posts of friends so always look to build your brand on these networks.


The healthcare industry is incredibly competitive so you must build your brand if you hope to compete with your rivals. In order to succeed you must create a logo that perfectly suits your brand personality, humanise your organisation and build trust with your audience.

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Sara Sabin

With a solid corporate background, Sara specialises in advising doctors in how to prepare a non-medical CV and how to prepare for a non-medical interview. She is also the Co-Founder of Medic Footprints.

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